Love is a sacred word…
Love is the grace for all of us…
Love may be the most wanted “thing” in this world…

Love will NOT be egocentric or self-serving word..
Love is also NOT about taking and giving…
LOVE is about giving, giving and giving, without expecting your favor returned…

If people say “NO FREE LUNCH” in this world, I’ll say Love is the exception…

by : Fendy C.W

Cool… tulisan ini saya dapat dari status FB teman, setelah minta ijin, saya kutip di sini. Nice, giving, giving, and giving. Inget juga satu ungkapan dari temen SMA saya di notes FB Dendy, adik saya, begini “Cinta adalah pengorbanan”.

Betul, gak cinta klo gak berkorban. Gak cinta ma Allah klo kita gak ibadah…Gak cinta ma Allah, klo gak sedekah, dsb…

*First Emiral terinspirasi ^_^

First Emiral Version : Cinta adalah ketulusan

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