My Partial Least Square

I am sorry SeP (my blog’s name)

I’d rather write my TA than post some posts here. My mood is already in my TA. And the fact is ….my topic is complicated enough for bachelor standard, I just recognize it when I found it difficult in finding a statistic software. What a mess !!!

I am using Partial Leas Square, it is a kind of software like SPSS, but easy enough to use when your TA is using Structural Equational Modelling. PLS is second generation of SEM software. The first generation is AMOS and Lisrel. This SEM software second generation, PLS, is more compatible than others when you use intervening variable and or moderating till 30 variables for your model.

Since the user of PLS is rare, I find it difficult to discuss for the using method, but the fact is PLS is easier in analyzing the data (refers to many blogs, and books that told me so).

Well… sorry for ignoring you, SeP…. I promise you no longer I’ll tell you about any progress of my many-things. Yup… Things…. feel interested, eh??? 😀


Tell me anything :)

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