Awesome !

Stat feature is one of my favorite applications in my WP dashboard. 😀 here I can find what people did to my blog, or how they could find my blog or what they look up to. Some keywords that they used to find this blog by using search engine (google) are sometimes so funny.

Some cases they used my name, they typed it in google searching box and found my blog, for instance “Elsha Parawira” or ” Elsha Parawira Putri” or ” Elsha Parawira Putri Emiral”. It’s common. 😀

Wait till u see the pic below



I found this pic in my stat feature in WP dashboard, November 23rd, 2011. This pic shows me that someone had look to my blog by typing “i wanna make love nutrilon”

definetely awesome.

For anyone who searched it,  That’s “make clouds” instead of “make love”, guys 🙂



2 thoughts on “Awesome !

  1. hai adek sayang 🙂
    jadi ceritanya aku posting ttg iklan nutrilon. salah satu ucapan si anak kecil kan “i wanna make clouds”
    sedangkan ada seseorang yang googling untuk cari kata-kata anak itu dengan “i wanna make love nutrilon” (liat pic yang ku upload di atas deh)
    padahal di iklan itu si anak bukan bilang “wanna make love”, tapi wanna make clouds. gitu…

    klo secara harfiah dr – b.ind itu arti kata2 ku adalah “kepada siapapun yang search ttg itu, yang bener make clouds, bukannya make love” 😀


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