Azumanga Daioh Ringtone

No doubt. I looovee azumanga daioh. Kinda fans of it, like I fans spongebob cartoon movie as much. I downloaded spongebob ringtone for my handphone, and for now… I will download chiyo’s cooking song (azumanga daioh ost) to alternate the previous one.

Take a look to the scene below


Here is the lyric of the song

Tsukurimasho! Tsukurimasho!
Sa te sa te nani ga dekiru ka na…
Hai! Dekimashita!

And the meaning of the song is ā†’

let’s cook together, let’s cook together
now let’s see what’ve we made.
There, it’s done !


AH! I reallyyyy enjoy the so cute-innocent voice of Chiyo šŸ˜†


Lyric Source



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